Robert Lansing is the son of actors Robert Lansing and Emily McLaughlin, also the stepson of actor Jeffery Hunter. Robert was born in White Plains, NY in 1957. Robert's maternal grandfather was mayor of that (then fair) city during that time. The family moved to Los Angeles in 1961 when Robert's mother Emily landed the part ofJessie Brewer on the soap opera "General Hospital", and his dad the part of General Frank Savage on the night time program "12 o'clock High".

Robert Lansing

Robert's father was an amateur jazz drummer and taught him rudiments, which he practiced lovingly with the understanding that if he learned the things which his father taught him about music that he may receive a set of drums, but Robert also liked very much to sing and to be seen and couldn't get enough of that behind a set of drums, so he got very interested in the guitar.

High School Years

Robert had his own power trio known as "Aeon" by the age of 17 and at 19 had the band "Siddhartha" which was the Sunday night feature band at Ed Nash's Starwood club in Hollywood.

New York

Later Robert moved to NYC for a few years and experimented in various rock and jazz bands, notably with very strange and wonderful set of musicians headed up by Terry Susan Smith, star of the movie "Basket Case". Soon he headed back to LA and joined up with the "Love In The Afternoon" soap opera talent company of singing and performing musical actors, playing with Richard Dean Anderson ("Macguyver", "Stargate") and Wings Houser ("The Young And The Restless"). Robert met John "X" Volitis, recording and mix down engineer to almost everybody who was anybody in the musical world. They started a band together called "Squid" which quickly became a concert favorite due to their whacky stage antics.

Prominent Collaborations

He has been in bands with members of "The Red Hot Chili Peppers" and "Smashing Pumpkins" along with others. His guitar playing can also be heard in episodes for Learning Channel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet as well as the 1992 Olympics for Barcelona.

The Dickies

In 1987 Robert hooked up with infamous and controversial LA punk band "The Dickies" (under the pseudonym of Enoch Hain) and stayed on track with them for 3 movies, five albums and an MTV video "Killer Klowns From Outer Space". Robert decided he needed a break from the LA scene and headed to the east coast. He spent time at a music conservatory where he gained a new slant on things in the composing realms. He also attended and graduated from the Institute for Audio Research. Robert spent the next few years honing his skills in the studio production and composition fields.

Bermuda Years

Robert came to Bermuda in 2005. He taught guitar and music theory to his many local students and loved teaching children. He performed for such acts as Howard Rego's "Front Line", Tommy Ray, "The Booze Brothers" and "The Unit", with whom he represented Bermuda in Cuba for the Havana Jazz Festival.

Full Circle

Robert for a short time had his own band "Full Circle" as well as a one man singing guitarist show featuring eclectic styles of song and guitar such as Spanish Flamenco and Gypsy Jazz, Traditional Jazz , Blues and Rock'n'Roll.

Martial Arts

Robert was also certified by the American Martial Arts Center to be an Instructor in the arts ofTai Chi, Hsing-I and Ba Gua. He had over 20 years of martial arts training and instruction.

Heritage Worship Center

Robert played guitar for the Praise Team at Heritage Worship Center. He was a born again Christian, on fire for the Lord. Robert's favorite book was the Holy Bible and every opportunity he had he would tell his friends about the Lord and invite them to Church.


Robert is survived by his wife Michelle M. C. Lansing and his sister Alyiki Lansing West and husband Christian West, 3 nieces Alexandria Jean Rose West, Mary Ellen Olivia West and Lesley Elizabeth Howell West, his very special friend Bobby Rosario and the Rosario family, and his Bermuda fami ly Renee and Milton Robinson, Dean and Dawn Robinson, Bradley Mitchell and Joshua Wood and Isaiah Sousa and special friends Russell Petty and Karsten Krivenko, Jeffrey Marshall, Ed and Laura Hampton and numerous other friends and relatives.